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ALE flexo and letterpress engraving systems use single or multiple high powered CO2 lasers or Fibre lasers to directly engrave sleeves or plates in a single step. ALE Direct laser engraving technology for flexo eliminates the costly outlay for multiple processing stages and equipment commonly associated with more conventional sleeve/plate making technologies. Direct laser engraving workflow involves few stages when compared to conventional photopolymer techniques.

ALE Hybrid Flexo systems combine CO2 laser technology with Fibre laser technology, (black materials only), to give high speed engraving with exceptional quality.

ALE machine control software, (MCS), and ALE image manipulation software, (IMS), feature soft proofing, step and repeat functions, image overlay, dot and shoulder profiling, below surface dot production and many other functions all features of ALE flexo systems.

150lpi/60lcm print
                 2% print                                        10% print                                            50% print                                          95% print
    150lpi/60lcm plate images, black elastomer  
    Images from Troika Systems  
                  2% plate                                         10% plate                                           50% plate                                        95% plate

  ALE Meridian 2 metre flexo system
 Machine type Meridian (moving work piece)
 Roll size (face) up to - 4.5 metres
 Roll size (diameter) 20mm - 1200mm
 Fibre laser options 200, 500 watt
 CO2 laser option 1-3 x 600 watt semi sealed
 CO2 laser option 1-3 x 300 watt sealed
 Line screen range 65lpi/lcm - 150lpi/60lcm (typical)
 Resolution 635dpi - 2540dip (typical flexo)
  For a sample sleeve or plate in order to carry out fingerprint trials please contact ALE to arrange suitable plate/sleeve material for engraving tests.

For further technical details, processing times or a live demonstration, contact ALE



Our flexo and letterpress engraving systems use tiff data, a common output format available from most industry RIP products. For engraving sleeves the ALE system can engrave seamless halftones for those continuous print applications. ALE supply a RIP for customers without extensive graphic departments.

Commonly used for engraving flexographic sleeves/plates, letterpress plates, many of our systems are used for special ruling rollers or decorative wallpaper rollers as well as tile printing rollers.

In addition to direct engraving our Hybrid Flexo system supplied with fibre laser technology can be used to image digital photopolymer plates, (mask ablation).


            Engrave flexo sleeves or plates, letterpress plates, decorative wallpaper rolls, tile printing rolls using ALE flexo engraving systems.
Flexo   Workflow   Hybrid Flexo

flexo workflow hybrid flexo