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ALE is moving into the future with our new development E-service! This brings a whole new concept of internet based support to the market.


ALE will be launching E-service to all customers as of 1st January 2009. The actual E-service connect time used will be free of charge as well as the use of the E-service electronic board for 2009. After this period costs will be continuously recalculated for subsequent years based on an individual customerís usage over the previous year. A quote will then be sent for the following years E-service prices for connect time and lease of the E-service board.


Using E-service will ensure that our customers will be able to receive support for our technology quickly and efficiently, ensuring that our customers are always satisfied with our service. It will also help to reduce the number of engineer site visits and hence the costs involved with site visits. 


With the ever changing world and a global commitment to reduce unnecessary air travel, we intend to preserve a modern business culture that can provide fast global service and scheduled, but less frequent, use of our onsite engineering support.


As part of this new service we will be recommending a separate E-service PC on a trolley that can be connected to the Engraving PC which will then enable us to view your technical issues and provide solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. For your security you can then disconnect the trolley PC from your machine when you feel adequate. All connections will be initiated by the customer via a secure service.


Please note that for older machines electronic upgrades will be required for E-service to operate. I.e. depending on age of existing system and electronic control system configuration it may require anything for 1 to 4 new exchange boards to make the control system up to latest specification.


Please contact us or Philip Limberger if you have any questions regarding E-service and if you would like to go ahead and take advantage of this new service right away.

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